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Due to the sheltered, warm and cosy nature of a chimney it makes it an attractive location for birds, particularly during the nesting season, to take up residency in. To many people's surprise birds can often build a substantial and very impressive nest within a chimney which often goes undetected until you notice, nesting material falling into the fireplace, smoke not being drawn up the chimney as it should or worse still a chimney fire.

One of the most common suspects for nesting in chimneys is the Jackdaw, a small black crow with a distinctive silvery sheen to the back of it's head, often seen in large numbers when a nest is in situ. 

Regular sweeping is key to preventing birds making themselves at home but also to ensure that should a bird have started to nest, the material can be removed before causing any further problems.

It is therefore essential that if you believe you may have a bird nesting in your chimney to get a qualified chimney sweep in to inspect and remove from the flue as soon as possible.

Pigeons, on the other hand, often like to roost on top of a chimney taking full advantage of the nice column of warm air. Consequently, they also like to use this column as a toilet if the chimney is open!!

The solution and preventative to these problems is to have a bird guard installed which Ian or Sam will be able to discuss with you during your appointment.

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